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Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) Team

Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter #6 Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter #5



The Lockport Township Fire District Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighter (ARFF) team was started in the fall of 2007 because of the Fire District having the responsibility of covering Lewis University Airport (LOT).  The District took over coverage in 2004 from the Village of Romeoville through intergovernmental agreement and, as a result, a need for ARFF coverage of the busy regional airport was realized. 


The LTFPD acquired (2) surplus 1992 Amertek airport vehicles from the Minnesota DNR in the fall of 2006 with the intention of providing protection to the airport.  Each vehicle carries 1000 gallons of water and 130 gallons of foam (3% AFFF).  Rescue #5 in housed at Station #5 on the north side of LOT and Rescue #6 in housed at Station #6 on the south side of LOT.


In conjunction with the acquisition of the ARFF vehicles, the Fire District also made a commitment to train members in ARFF.  So far, 8 firefighters, 2 lieutenants, and 1 Captain are Illinois OSFM certified ARFF members. All team members undergo annual training in compliance with FAA and OSFM standards in addition to training other members of the Fire District in ARFF Procedures.


Team Members include: 

 Lt. Michael J. Lopina – Team Leader, Lt. John O’Connor, Lt. Troy Galetti, Lt. Arthur Jacobs, FF Jim Gutierrez, FF Matthew Collier – Assistant Team Leader, FF Scott Campbell, FF Brandon Voight, FF Ross Grady, FF Tom Clifton & FF Nick Felber.


Dive Team


Lockport, Illinois Dive Team Truck Lockport, Illinois Dive Team  19 Foot Zodiac Boat
Lockport, Illinois Dive Team #1 Lockport, Illinois Dive Team In The Water


The Lockport Township Fire District Dive Team was established in 2006.  We have eight members certified to the level of Dive Rescue 1 through Dive Rescue International.  We are equipped with dry suits and full face Aga masks.  As a team, we have the ability to perform surface rescue, under water rescue and recovery.  We can assist the police with evidence/weapons recover and documentation. Our team trains monthly with the Joliet Fire Department.


Dive personal also are trained in surface ice rescue and ice diving.  The Dive Team operates out of a 2002 Workhorse Van and pulls a 19 foot Zodiac boat with a 115 horse power motor and a Humming Bird side sonar system.  The side sonar allows us to see images similar to an ultra sound.  To date we have assisted Joliet Fire Department by diving for a possible bridge jumper, we have responded to calls in our district involving a car in a retention pond, a car in the I&M canal and assisted both the state police and the FBI in their investigation of the Peterson case.


Dive Team Members include: FF Thomas Fulton-Team Leader, FF Andrew Fitzgerald-Asst. Team Leader, Capt. Kevin Pastore, Capt. John O'Connor, Lt. David Izquierdo,  FF Brian Dobczyk, FF Chris Kozak, FF Michael Callans, FF Jeff Young, & FF Josh Fitzgerald.


Swift Water Team Members include: FF Thomas Fulton-Team Leader, Capt. Kevin Pastore, Lt. David Izquierdo, Lt. John O'Connor, Lt. Michael Lopina, FF Brain Dobczyk, FF Chris Kozak-Asst. Team Leader, FF Michael Callans, FF Andy Fitzgerald, FF Thomas Fulton, FF Mike Rodeghero, & Dario Diaz.


R.O.V. Team (Remote Operated Vehicle) Team Members include: FF Thomas Fulton-Team Leader, Lt. John Matthews, FF Corey Alsip, FF William Lambert- Asst. Team Leader, FF Brandon Voight-Team Leader, FF Patrick Kelly, FF Daniel Sullivan & Nick Felber & FF Doug Sweeney



Hazardous Materials Team

The Lockport Township Fire District Hazardous Materials Team was formed in January of 2011. The team is comprised of eight members that are trained to a technician level as set by law. This team works in conjunction with federal, state, and local agencies including USEPA, Illinois EPA, Illinois Emergency Management Agency, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, Cook County Sheriffs Police Bomb Squad, and local Public Works in order to properly handle the special needs of this type of call.

The Fire District conducts training with local railroad and pipeline companies to ensure that all members have hands on experience. This training uses props to ensure a proper response to leaks, spills, and fires of hazardous materials. Many members have also participated in federal training programs offered locally and around the country.

The LTFPD is a part of MABAS 19 and is supplied with more skilled equipment and technicians in case of complicated hazardous materials calls. All  LTFPD Haz-Mat Team members are also members of the Southwest Hazardous Materials Response Team, MABAS 22.

Members include FF Michael Femrite- Team Leader, FF Thomas Clifton- Asst. Team Leader, Capt. James Grady IV, Lt. Michael Lopina, Lt. Dale Jacobs,  FF Matt Collier, FF Jason Vorrier & FF Phil Hutto.


Fire Investigation Team



Fire Investigation Truck Fire Investigation Team


The Lockport Township Fire District Fire Investigation Team was formally organized in 1993. Initially, the team was comprised of seven State of Illinois-Certified Fire Investigators and one State of Illinois-Certified Arson Investigator.


The Lockport Township Fire Investigation Team’s mission is to investigate the origin and cause of all fires within our fire district for the prevention of future fires. Fire causes are classified as accidental, incendiary, natural, or undetermined at the conclusion of an investigation. Our Fire Investigation Team, along with the Will County State’s attorney’s office and multiple law enforcement agencies within our fire district, has been successful in the identification, arrest, and conviction of persons involved in arson-related crimes. Our team assists and can be assisted by other fire departments with the investigation of fires through the MABAS box alarm system. ATF, OSFM, and accelerant K-9’s from other agencies are utilized as resources, as needed.


Currently the team is made up of (9) State of Illinois-Certified Fire Investigators and (2) State of Illinois-Certified Arson Investigators, three of which have been on the team since its inception. We attend monthly team training on various fire investigation topics to keep current with our field/policies and to satisfy our state-mandated re-certification hours. The team uses a recently purchased Fire Investigation Vehicle that replaced our older unit. The new vehicle was custom designed by our team members for our needs. The vehicle is self-supported with a generator, HVAC, scene lights, office area, and a tool/equipment area. It is used for fire investigation equipment storage/transport, as well as interviewing and support functions. The OFI Vehicle is housed at Station Four.


Team Members include:

Lt. Dan Martis - Team Leader & Training Coordinator, FF Tina Pirc, FF Jason Pytlewski, FF Dan Mullner- Asst. Team Leader, FF Brent Hullinger, FF Tom Clifton, FF Jason Vorrier, FF Brandon Voight & FF Curtis Cwudzinski.



Technical Rescue Team

Technical Rescue Team

The Lockport Township Fire District Technical Rescue Team (TRT) was formed in 1993 under the leadership of then Lt. Dave Skoryi with 8 members. The Team is responsible for specialized rescue such as; High Angle, Confined Space, Trench and Structure Collapse. They operate out of a 35’ Enclosed Trailer pulled by a 2007 GMC ¾ ton Pick-Up and a Pierce 100' Ladder Tower. 


The Lockport TRT Team was one of the original members of the Combined Agency Response Team (CART) (www.cartrescue.com). As a member of the CART Green Team (Joliet Fire Department, Lockport Fire Department & Homer Fire Department), the 41 members train together every month under the leadership of FF Hutto.  The Green Team is one of 39 deployable teams in the State of Illinois up to 72 hours of operation.


Illinois Task Force #1 is deployable up to 10 days of operations anywhere in Illinois or the United States.


Team Members Include:

Capt. Kevin Pastore, Lt. Robert Vargo, Lt. Dave Izquierdo, Lt. Troy Galetti, FF Matt Collier, FF Tom Fulton, FF Mike Rodeghero-Asst. Team Leader, FF Ross Grady,  FF Phil Hutto- Team Leader,  FF Jim Vickerman, & FF Michael Femrite.




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