Administrative Staff

Fire Chief 1101

Serving Since 1998
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Deputy Fire Chief 1102

Deputy Fire Chief 1103

Serving Since 1994
Serving Since 1996
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Battalion Chief #11

Battalion One

Battalion Two

Battalion Three

Serving Since 1999
Serving Since 1995
Serving Since 1998
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Division Chiefs

Director of Training 1181

EMS Coordinator 1180

Serving Since 1993
Serving Since 2003
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Finance Director



Human Resources

Accounts Payable

Serving Since 2009
Serving Since 2005
Serving Since 2019
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EVT Vehicle Maintenance

Serving Since 2016
Serving Since 2019
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Fire District Chaplins

Father Greg Podwysocki
Father Burke Masters
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Director of Fire Prevention

Part-Time Fire Inspectors

Inspector George Drobney
Serving Since 2006
Inspector Robert Schipits
Serving Since 2011
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Inspector Ken Fijan
Serving Since 2015
Inspector Gregory Baez
Serving Since 2017
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Administrative Office

Mailing Address & Office Hours


Lockport Township Fire

Protection District

19623 W. Renwick Road

Lockport, Illinois 60441-3600

Phone: (815) 838-3287  

FAX: (815) 838-9141  

Monday thru Friday: 

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

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