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Fire District Information

A brief description of the Lockport Township Fire Protection District


The Lockport Township Fire Protection District is a special taxing district in Will County Illinois providing fire, rescue, EMS, and related service to approximately 85,000 residents within the 46 square miles.


The annual Fire District budget is 20 million dollars.


Fire personnel and equipment are housed in six fire stations strategically located throughout the District. Those specific locations are:

Fire Station One, 828 East 9th Street, Lockport, IL
Fire Station Two, 1601 Root Street, Crest Hill, IL
Fire Station Three, 390 North Weber Road, Romeoville, IL
Fire Station Four, 17400 Bruce Road, Lockport, IL
Fire Station Five, 332 O’Hare Drive, Romeoville, IL
Fire Station Six & Headquarters, 19623 Renwick Road, Crest Hill, IL

Elected Management

The Fire District is managed by a five person Board of Trustees that are elected by residents of the District. Each Trustee serves a six year term, with an election occurring every two years. The Board of Trustees consist of the following:

Mr. Todd Randich - President
Mr. Henry Meader - Secretary
Mr. Paul Siegel - Treasurer
Mr. William Kendziora – Trustee
Mr. John Batusich – Trustee

Board of Fire Commissioners

Three residents of the Fire District are appointed by the Board of Trustees to act as Commissioners for the District. Commissioners are responsible for hiring, firing and promotional tests of fire personnel. Commissioner serves three year terms. The Commissioners consist of the following:
Ms. Patricia Burnett – President
Ms. Rhonda Casagrande – Secretary
Mr. Joseph Piper
 – Commissioner


The leadership consists of the following:

Fire Chief John O'Connor
Deputy Chief Frank Blaskey
Deputy Chief Edward Rossetto
3 Battalion Chiefs
7 Captains/Paramedics
19 Lieutenants/Paramedics

66 Fire Fighter/Paramedics


The District employs 98 full and 10 part-time personnel.

Examples of the types of public records maintained by the District and available for inspection include the following:

Board Meeting Schedules
Board Minutes and Resolutions
Board Agenda (once posted)
Board policies and administrative procedures
Legal notices
Employee names, titles an dates of employment
Official bonds
Records of District ownership of real or personal property
Fire/Rescue response reports
EMS reports that comply with HIPPA requirements
Fire Inspection reports and related documents
Annual budgets
Tax Levies
Audit reports
Administrator compensation report
Collective bargaining agreements
List of all invoices issued and received by District
Receipts for revenue

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