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Support Apparatus


Lockport Fire Photo

Lockport Fire Photo

Gator #1 is used for special events in the fire district such as Canal Days, Civil War Days and all festivals were a regular Fire or EMS vehicle  cannot gain access to a crowd.

Gator #1 2006 Caravan Flatbed

Brush Utility #1 responds along with an Engine Company on all grass fires in the fire district. This vehicle also doubles as the eastside snow plow vehicle in the winter months.

Lockport Fire Photo

Brush Utility #1 2010 Ford F250 4X4 50/250

Utilityt #6 2020.jpg

Lockport Fire Photo

The District Utility Vehicle is used for towing the TRT Trailer & Fireboat #1. It also doubles as a fuel truck to support the fleet on extra alarm fires.

District Utility #3 2003 Ford F650 Super Duty Flatbed

Utility #5 is used as the west side snow plow in the winter months and for towing small trailers used by the Fire District.

Lockport Fire Photo

Utility #5 1998 GMC 2500 Pick-Up

Lockport Fire Photo

An emergency vehicle technician, or EVT, is specially trained to service, repair and maintain emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances and law enforcement vehicles. EVTs develop their skills on the job but commonly gain formal training from a vocational school or community college. Most EVTs earn professional certification in one or more specialty areas.

EVT Pick-Up 2007 GMC Sierra 2500XL

This vehicle is used as a  Spare Battalion Chief's Vehicle and the Division Chief of Training for off duty responses.


Lockport Fire Photo

2011 Chevy Tahoe


Lockport Fire Photo

This vehicle is used by the Division Chief of EMS to respond to EMS calls thoughtout the Fire District.

 2011 Ford Expedition XL

This vehicle is used by all of the Specialty Teams to haul their various equipment. It also is used as a personnel carrier for the fire district.

Lockport Fire Photo

Utility #6 2007 Chevrolet 2500 Cargo Van

Fire Prevention Vehicles


Lockport Fire Photo

Fire Prevention #1 2014 Ford Fusion


Lockport Fire Photo

These vehicles are used by the Fire Inspectors to enforce building codes, inspect and reinspect all buildings in the fire district and respond if needed to assist fire companies with their daily activites.

Fire Prevention #2 2017 Ford Fusion


Lockport Fire Photo

Fire Prevention #3 2011 Ford Fusion

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