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Fire Stations

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Fire Station#1

Lockport Fire Photo

Fire Station #1 located at 828 E. 9th St. in Lockport was built in 2016 to replace the existing firehouse built on this site in 1960. Engine #1 & Ambulance #1 responds out of this firehouse with four personnel. This firehouse also houses Brush Utility #1, Reserve Engine #1, MABAS Decon 19 & the Haz-Mat Trailer. This station protects the central and northern portions of the City of Lockport, including unincorporated areas of the township north to 135th Street.

Fire Station#2


Lockport Fire Photo

Fire Station #2 located at 1601 Root Street was opened in 1966 for the newly incorporated City of Crest Hill and rural areas on the far west side of the fire district. This station replaced a temporary one-bay building at the corner of Sweetbriar and Lynwood Sts. This firehouse is on the busy Weber Road corridor with an abundance of new residential and commercial growth. Engine #2, Ambulance #2, Dive Van #1 & Rescue Boat #1, and Resere Ambulance #1 are housed here. A minimum of four firefighters respond out of this station daily.

Fire Station#3

Lockport Fire Photo

The Northwest Side of the district is protected by Fire Station #3 located at the corner of Weber Road & 135th Street. This firehouse was opened on June 8th, 1998 and protects the majority of the fire district population. Station Three's response includes large residential subdivisions and industrial storage complexes that line Weber Road south to Renwick Road. Engine #3, Ambulance #3,  the TRT Trailer, & the District's Fuel Truck are housed here. A minimum of four fire fighters respond out of this station daily.

Fire Station#4

Lockport Fire Photo

The southeastern part of the District is protected by Fire Station #4 at Bruce Road and Geneva St in the City of Lockport . It is located at the south entrance of the Lago Vista Subdivision. This firehouse was opened December 22nd, 2006, and covers the south and eastern sections of the City of Lockport, and unincorporated Will County including Dellwood Highlands and Fairmont. Engine #4, Ambulance #4, Reserve Ambulance #2 and OFI #1 are housed at this station. A minimum of four firefighters are assigned to this station daily.

Fire Station#5

Lockport Fire Photo

Fire Station #5 at 332 O' Hare Drive in Romeoville was opened May 1st, 2007 . This Station houses Engine #5, Ambulance #5, Utility #5. This Fire Station protects the center of the west side between Station Two and Three. Engine #5 responses include Renwick Rd to the south and Highpoint Dr. on the north. They also respond west to I-55.  A minimum of four personnel are assigned to the station.

Fire Station#6

Lockport Fire Photo


Geographically in the center of the Fire District, Fire Station #6 at 19623 Renwick Road in Crest Hill was opened on June 20th, 2009 . This station houses the Fire District’s Administrative Offices along with Fire Prevention, Fire Investigation, EMS, Training, and the Emergency Vehicle Technician maintains our fleet out of this building. This firehouse is home to the Battalion #11, Truck #6 & ARFF Rescue #6. ARFF Rescue #6 responds along with Truck #6 to any Aviation incidents at Lewis Airport. Reserve Apparatus housed at this station are Fire Boat #1, District Utility #6, & the EVT Utility.

Former Fire Stations

Elmer Ott Photo

14 East 10th Street


Lockport Fire Photo

Adelmann Garage 11th St  

1902-1909    1916-1937

Lockport Fire Photo

13 East 9th Street


Lockport Fire Photo

921 S. State Street


Lockport Fire Photo

Station #2 2200 Sweetbriar Crest Hill

 Late 1940s -1966

Lockport Fire Photo

Station One 828 E. 9th Street Lockport


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