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Lockport Love Now Accepting Nominations

Lockport Love, a 501(c)(3), is again looking for nominations of individuals or families who truly need assistance this Christmas due to medical or health conditions, loss of income, or other unexpected situations. To qualify they must reside in 60441 area code.

To nominate a family or individual, we must have the following information: o Family or individual name, address and contact # / email o Information regarding the situation of the family and why you are nominating them. o What are the family's most urgent needs? (food, clothing, help with mortgage, medical expenses, help with everyday expenses - utilities, gas, or assisting with purchasing Christmas gifts for their children. o Number and ages of children Lockport Love especially enjoys helping the children of needy families by purchasing Christmas gifts. If the parent/parents wish, we take gifts to the children in December. A parade of police cars and fire engines go to the recipient’s house and Santa delivers gifts to each child. Lockport Love volunteers and friends gather outside and sing Christmas Carols. ALL REQUESTS ARE DUE ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 14, 2022. After receiving requests, we review them and determine how our current funds should be distributed based upon the nominations. We ask that you be as detailed as possible so that our board can make informed decisions. All information is kept confidential. We do ask that you please inform the family/individual that you have nominated them, so that they know to be expecting a call from us. To submit a nomination: - complete nomination form at

A meeting will be held in November for volunteers interested in becoming a family liaison. Please stay tuned for the meeting date/time.

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