Surplus Items For Sale


The Lockport Township Fire District has declared the following items surplus and will be available for sale to the public by sealed bid. The items may be viewed in person at Lockport Fire Station 6 (19623 Renwick Road, Lockport) or Lockport Fire Station 3 (390 Weber Road, Romeoville). The locations of the specific items are located on the pictures online.

Bidders are welcome to view the items in person Monday-Friday 8 AM to 3 PM at either location. 

Viewing of items and acceptance of bids will begin on Monday, April 20th thru Thursday, April 30th at 3:30 PM. Bid opening will occur immediately after. 

Items must be paid for in cash or with a Cashier’s  Check made out to Lockport Fire District.
All items must be removed from district property within 48 hours of bid opening.

All items are sold “AS IS” and the Fire District accepts no liability in the use of purchased items

Two (2) Tall Metal Storage Lockers

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One Antique Hand Drawn Hose Cart One Antique Pull Behind Hose Cart

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One 1998 John Deer Riding Mower LT155

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Ansul Hand Drawn Dry Chemical Extinguisher Cart
(Item can be viewed at Station 3)



The Lockport Fire District has taken delivery of two new 2014 Horton/IHC Terra Star Chassis Ambulances. They were placed in service the week of 7/7/2014.These Ambulances were purchased from Foster Coach out of Sterling, IL. 

One will replace the current Ambulance #2 (2007 IHC Horton MICU with 150,000 miles) and the other will replace Ambulance #3 (2005 IHC Horton MICU with 195,000 miles). The 2005 & 2007 Ambulance will go in reserve status.