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In 2019, we responded to 10,134 emergency calls.

Our Mission

To effectively provide professional, caring service to those in need

with courage, honor, and commitment.

Our Vision


To continually improve ourselves, our department

and our service.

We will be ready, able and qualified to

respond to all public safety needs.

We move forward and prepare for the future

by being ready

for today and accepting the challenges of  tomorrow.

Lockport Township Fire Protection District Town Hall Meeting to discuss the

March 17th Referendum
Wednesday, March 4th at 6:00pm
Prairie Bluff Golf Course
19433 Renwick Rd, Lockport, IL 60441

Fire Department officials will discuss the details of the upcoming Emergency & Rescue Referendum followed by a Q/A session.
Refreshments provided.

Lockport Township Fire Protection District

announces upcoming referendum on March17th ballot

     This year will mark the 125th anniversary of the Lockport Township Fire Protection District. The referendum on March 17th will only be the 4th time in our history, and the first time in nearly 20 years that the Fire District will be seeking voter approval for a very modest tax increase. This increase will be .10% of the equalized assessed value to go towards emergency and rescue crews and equipment.

Demands for Service

     The demand for services within the community has drastically increased during this time and has reached a point where the demand has surpassed the available resources. The Fire District is 46 square miles and protects over 85,000 residents, with thousands more who pass through or visit our community on a yearly basis.

In the past 20 years:

o The call volume has tripled (10,134 Emergency Responses)
o The number of Emergency Personnel has doubled (98)
o The number of Fire Stations have doubled (6)
o The number of Specialized Teams have tripled (6)

     Over this time period, the fire service has evolved. Not only does the Fire District handle fire and medical related emergencies, but they also conduct Fire & Arson Investigations, are trained in Advanced Technical Rescue, Airport Rescue Firefighting, Hazardous Materials mitigation, Tactical EMS for active-shooter incidents and Water Rescue Incidents with Rescue Divers, Swift Water Technicians, Fire Boat and ROV Operations. The Fire District has aggressively met these challenges with specialty teams in each area that contain highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment. Providing these additional services come with a cost. The advanced training and certifications are completed above and beyond normal shift responsibilities.

Efforts to Reduce Costs, while Maintaining Services

     Internally, the Fire District's goal has been to operate as efficiently as possible while providing the highest level of emergency services. This is accomplished this in several ways:

Consolidating Services:

o Currently, Lockport and Homer Fire Districts share Fire Inspection and Code
Enforcement responsibilities. Homer provides the administration and plan review, while

Lockport provides the part-time fire inspectors. This practice saves both departments
money, because it eliminates the duplication of efforts and personnel.

Renegotiation/Elimination of Service Contracts:

o Renegotiated contracts and eliminated services that we will now be handled in-house
with current personnel.

o Negotiated a 7G position with the Union. This new position will allow current personnel
the ability to do additional, non-fire fighting/EMS duties, at a job-appropriate rate instead of a firefighter's over-time rate. Some of these tasks include:

o Landscaping/mowing

o Building/vehicle maintenance

o Snow plowing

o Negotiated a Light Duty position with the Union. This position allows personnel who are off-duty from injury or illness, to return to work sooner and complete other essential
tasks within the parameters of their ongoing recovery.

o Renegotiated Ambulance Billing fees.


     The Fire District has received federal and state grants for emergency vehicles and equipment in an effort to off-set the financial burden of Fire District residents. Over the years Lockport has received the following:

o $600,000 from the Port Security Grant Program for a Fire Boat to protect the Des Plaines
River area

o $360,000 from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant for self-contained breathing

o $90,000 Illinois Public Risk Fund Grant for safety equipment

o Currently applying for small tools grants through the State Fire Marshal

o Currently applying for an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for a new Airport Rescue
vehicle ($400,000) to replace the 30 year-old ARFF vehicle we currently own.

Cross Training:

     All of Lockport's personnel are cross trained as a Firefighter/Paramedics and some
additional specialized skill. It takes fewer personnel to accomplish a greater variety of

o Lockport runs jump companies; an Engine and Ambulance run out of all 6 stations except
for Station #6, which staffs our Ladder Truck.

o When there's a fire call, the ambulance crew jumps on the Engine and they all go to the fire.

o  When there's a serious EMS call, the Engine will also respond to provide additional care to the patient.

When all firefighters are also paramedics, it allows the highest level of care with the fewest
number of personnel, thus saving the taxpayers a significant amount of money.

Our Future

     Although the Fire District is very proud of the service they provide, they're always looking for ways to improve. Last year, we added a 5th ambulance which reduced the number of runs per ambulance from 1874 to 1499. This means when you call 911 for an EMS response, there's a greater chance an ambulance will be available for your needs. But even at 1499 calls per ambulance, they're still busier than all fire districts in the State and most municipalities in the Chicagoland suburbs.

     The goal next year, is to add 3 more personnel (1 per shift) and put a 6th ambulance in service at Station #6. This will improve response times and essentially increase ambulance availability by 16%.

     The Lockport Township Fire Protection District takes the safety of our community very serious and we deliver a service second to none. The decision to reach out to the community for help was not made lightly, but it's essential to continue to meet the emergency needs of Lockport Fire District residents. For about the price of a cup of coffee a month, you can do that. For the average single family home in our Fire District, it would be $66 annually or .18/day.

Please vote yes on March 17th. Thank you.

Any questions regarding the Lockport Fire Protection District referendum, please contact:

Fire Chief John O'Connor  or call (815) 838-3287

The Lockport Township Fire District does not solicit funds by phone.

Put a FREEZE on Winter Fires

Information courtesy of the NFPA

Lockport Love & LTFPD



Off duty members and family participated in Lockport Love on December 14th.

Santa was escorted by Lockport Fire, Lockport Police, Homer Fire and members of the

American Legion Post 18.

The event was organized by Lockport Love, a nonprofit that benefits local families in need. @ Lockport, Illinois

LTFPD & Local #1544

Toy Donation to SOS Childrens Village

Lockport Company #4 making a special delivery of toys to the SOS Children's Village (Lockport) 12/17/2019. Special recognition to FF Gritsuk (picture) for organizing this event. All toys delivered today were donated by members of Lockport Fire and collected at our annual department family Christmas party.

Live fire training December 16th & 18th 2019

Special thank you to Chief Zlomie, Deputy Chief Friddle and the Wilmington FPD for the  invitation for this invaluable training opportunity.

25 Years Ago......1995

100th Anniversary of the Lockport Fire Department

50 Years Ago......1970

75th Anniversary of the Lockport Fire Department

Carl Munson becomes the 1st Paid Fire Chief

22 Paid Men

Fairmont School Fire


Be prepared for a disaster in

Will County

The Ready Will County Illinois application helps its users, citizens of the Will County, IL, to stay prepared and protect their loved ones should an emergency occur.  Please click on the Will County logo or the link below for more information..

Scott's Law:

The "Move Over" Law.

Protect Those who Protect Us.!!!

Red Shirt Fridays

What is R.E.D. Shirt Friday?  RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed.  It is our honor to wear our specially designed red shirts each Friday paying tribute to all our active, retired, and deceased United States Military Members.  We cannot thank them enough for the dedication and sacrifices they make keeping our country and our citizens safe worldwide.

Each Friday watch for the R.E.D. Shirts and let's all remember to honor those who serve us and keep us safe in the greatest country in the world. 

Fire Extinguisher Recall

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